Here are our top 10 most frequently asked questions...

99% of orders that we receive before 2pm on a standard business day are dispatched the same afternoon. The delivery time to you depends on the delivery service you ordered at the check out. See our Delivery Information Page
Yes, whichever brand of phone you buy, it will be 100% genuine. We have trusted stock suppliers all over the world and we test each phone before it is dispatched. We never buy or sell "fake" phones.
Simply login to your account and click on the "Warranty Submit Button" - fill in your details and submit the form. Within 8 business hours you will be contacted by our team and they will make the process as simple as possible and do their very best to inconvenience you as little as they can. If your phone is faulty or doesn't work exactly as it should on arrival, we will issue you with another replacement phone, the same as the one you ordered.
Yes you can but, the chances are we may not be able to stop your order from being dispatched. Once you receive your order you can return it at your cost. On the basis that all the goods arrive back to us in the brand new condition that they were dispatched in, we will happily refund your purchase price with the exception of any delivery costs.

If your phone doesn't work as it is supposed to, or something is missing from the box then contact us directly. Access our Contact Page here.

If the matter is urgent, please call us on 02 9816 3059


Refurbished can mean several things when it comes to smartphones.

Generally, the phone may have been returned to the manufacturer with a problem and that original customer is given a new phone. The faulty phone is then stripped down, fixed, repaired  and tested before being boxed up and sent to us.

There are other reasons why a phone has been classed as refurbished, sometimes brand new shipments of phones are damaged in transit. These phones are returned to the factory and repair and then classified as refurbished, so you could actually end up with a phone that is actually brand new and has never been used.

All our phones are graded either A+, A, B or C.

  • Grade A+: A fully rebuilt handset with brand new parts, ensuring a finish that is the same as a brand new handset.
    Grade A: Great condition as new with perhaps one or two very light scuffs or minor marks, sometimes none. Phones that are not rebuilt with brand new parts cannot be listed as A+ so they are graded A, even though they may look perfect.
    Grade B: Will show signs of general day to day use or light marks on the casing or screen but will have no major damage or cracks.
    Grade C: Will show signs of heavier use with scratches, blemishes and marks but no cracks.

Every smartphone is tested before delivery

Q. My company requires a roll out of refurbished smartphone, can you help?

A. Yes we can, our Business Team can offer highly competitive prices with multiple delivery addresses within Australia and internationally. For several corporate and government clients, we provide customised service plans for replacing DOA, Damaged and Broken phones within one business day.

Contact Us on (02) 9816 3059 or to send us an email click here

We currently don't have a flat discount for students in Australia.

For organisations such as schools, colleges and universities our Business Team can assist with special pricing, multiple delivery addresses and service level customisation. 

Please contact our Business Team on 02 9816 3059 or you can email them by clicking here

We have three important aspects of our warranty:

DOA - Dead on Arrival

When your phones is delivered, if the phone doesn't switch on after charging it we class this as "Dead on Arrival". In this instance, complete a Warranty Submission Form found in your account page. In most circumstances we will dispatch another handset to you and cover the cost of returning the one you have. We will send your new handset by our fastest delivery method.

If the phone does switch on but doesn't work correctly when you receive it, we will usually replace the phone with another refurbished model of the same grade you purchased or better. In some cases the phone may need to be tested or simply have the Operating System reloaded.

Faulty within 90 days

All our phones are covered with a 90 day warranty which covers most aspects of the phone except for accidental or purposeful damage. In the event your phone becomes faulty with 90 days of purchase, please complete a Warranty Submission Form found in your account page. In most circumstances we will ask you to return the phone you have and then dispatch another refurbished model of the same grade you purchased or better on our fastest delivery service.

After 90 days we no longer cover your phone with any warranty or guarantee. In this circumstance we still may be able to repair the phone for you are your own cost.

Extended Warranty
The purchasable extended warranty provides an extra 275 days of cover, totaling 365 days from your purchase date. You are reimbursed for reasonable postage expenses to return your phone to us and we always cover the delivery cost to send another refurbished handset to you. The Extended Warranty does not cover water, accidental or purposeful damage.

Commercial Service Agreements

Businesses that purchase in excess of 20 refurbished phones per year can also purchase customised Service Level Agreements for covering their fleet of smartphones and tablets. 

To find out more about Commercial Service Agreements, please contact our Business Team on 02 9816 3059

If you still need help, contact us by clicking here